About the blog and me….

steveI was born in Sutton Coldfield and grew up in Four Oaks, England.  After having several jobs and not really knowing what I wanted to do I finally decided to study to become a minister. I got married, finished my studies and came with my wife to settle in Belgium, that’s where we have been living for the last eighteen years.

My interests include riding my motorbike, reading, music and photography. I also like silence and feel close to God in times of real intense silence that I often find when I’m out by myself.

Why is this blog called “Le Temps d’un Soupir”?
I was looking for a title that expressed a certain way of seeing and understanding the world.  We live in French speaking Belgium and in music a silence is, “un soupir” but it is also a breath being exhaled, a sigh and so the idea grew in my mind to call the blog “The drawing of a breath or the length of a sigh or silence”. It’s a place where we look and see the world around us in a different way, a time between times..

I discovered afterwards that it is also the title to a book by Anne Philipe, an autobiographical story of love, sickness and death.

I also recently started a new blog where I try to bring together some of my photographs (with more explanation) in some kind of order. Here is the link: www.stephenpitt.com

33 thoughts on “About the blog and me….

  1. Oh my! I accidentally visited your blog and it has opened my eyes to a whole new world through your lenses. Fascinating photos 😀 It is as if they each has a poem to sing!!

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I try to communicate an inner awareness that I have in my photos. It does not always come out but in some it does. I’m glad you like the pictures.

      Regards. Stephen

  2. I love your reason for naming your blog “Le Temps d’un Soupir.” As a yoga therapist and also as one with unusually severe asthma, the breath is everything at times. It’s life, it’s connection to the earth and spirit, it’s our way into silence, into presence. Thank you for sharing this as well as your posts.

    • Thanks very much Elizabeth for the comments. I went along to your blog too but I have not had much time to look as of yet. I find that silence is the way into presence for me. I sit and yes the movement of the breath is rhythmic but the connection is when I let go and sink into Him who is presence.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Regards Stephen

  3. Life is very strange at times. I am just learning this word press gig and have discovered that I have treated my work here on my wordpress page(arabystudios by TOMA) as more of a portfolio and thus, have not quite understood the one by one, post, and movement of the site. As I looked for “likes and follows” within photography, I quickly found your site. I live in Virginia. I lived in Belgium in my twenties for two and a half years with my English wife. I bought a watercolor painting this morning, more than I could afford off Ebay and discovered the artist, secondly right? was in fact, a Belgian artist from the 1950s. And here I am again, later in the afternoon, back in Belgium, and England, and looking through a similar bifocal lens. Yet I am still American and there is something here that continues to fascinate me, some vein of thought. You’ve done it. Like your work very much. I am also beginning to understand that honesty and putting yourself out there with your work maybe ain’t so bad. It seems with these sites, I am finding similar thoughts riding along the hemisphere on some cloud stream, by some trickling creek, by some mighty river, and via snapshot, post, cablewire, and satellite. Keep the images coming!

  4. Hello

    Thanks for your comment and stopping by the blog. I am certainly no professional but the images I take are honest and come from a certain way I seem to look at the world. This might just be a time of life thing, I don’t know really. I know how you feel about things sometimes seeming to be coincidences 🙂 My wife is german by the way HAHA! We visit regularly the north of England, Scotland, mainly the Hebrides and this year we went to the Orkney Islands, which was quite an experience. I saw you had several photos too from that part of the world. I have never visited the States, maybe one day..

    Thanks again for the kind words.

    Regards. Stephen

  5. thank you for liking my photo’s, your blog is lovely, I particularly like the misty morning series, I hope to visit Belgium again next year, so will follow your blog to be inspired as to where to visit. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the comment… I’m happy that you find something that you are looking for here. Thanks for the kind words about the shots I take… it’s a work in progress 🙂


  6. I went through your blog and tout simplement j’ADORE. And you take amazing pictures also. I am in the process of mastering my camera and taking good pictures but I am not quite there yet… Un jour, un jour…

    Bonne continuation!!

    • Thanks for the comment and the ping back… Just keep at it and you’ll get there… My percussion tutor is a professional musician as well and I asked how he did got to that point. His reply was, perseverance..

      Thanks again.


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    • Thanks very much. I have not had timùe to look properly over yours but I liked what I saw when I went to have a look. I’ll see if I can get to look later… and take a bit more time about it 🙂


  8. Stephen, I’m so glad to have found the photographs you have shared on your site! Is it still an active site? Hope so, because there is one photograph–Champ–that I would like your permission to use for a CD cover I am working on. I will await word from you.

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