35mm or 85mm

I am thinking of buying a new lens and have several ideas. I’m really interested in street photography and nature but not really animal photography so I started looking at primes.. 85mm and 35mm as I already have a 50… and even 14mm. Here’s a couple of test shots I did but you know I guess if I can’t make up my mind it’s because I probably should have all of them. Problem, cost 🙂


4 thoughts on “35mm or 85mm

    • Hi

      Thanks for the advice.. I did look but the link does not seam to get me there… I’ve read an awful lot about the pros and cons of this lens or that lens.. just got to decide what type of photo I would like to take.. I love the depth of field that the 85mm gives.. you need to be at the right distance from your subject too which is a challenge.. However the 35mm gives a shallower depth of fiels which means that you can easily have more in focus and this the photo takes on another meaning.. I need to decide HAHA..

      Regards. Stephen

      • Thanks for the advice… Now I really don’t know which one to get first HAHA… but I think I might go for the 85 first as I have a 24-85mm zoom it’s 3.5 – 4.5 but if I use it at 24mm then it will be OK.. The 85mm in question is 1.4 which I tested and it produced some really sharp images..

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