The Poudrerie

Here is another shot taken Sunday afternoon at the disused powder factory. I got a tick on me running around there too..



3 thoughts on “The Poudrerie

  1. This is a great series and some very interesting subject matter all beautifully recorded. A place made for photography…..wish there was more accessible material like this about.

    • Hi John

      It’s a real find. I knew the building was there for quite a while but had never stopped to look, it’s in the middle of nowhere, in a forest. Well the road passes between two villages. The forest id slowly reclaiming the site and it’s just magical to walk round. Not sure I was supposed to be there. The windows are no longer on the one side and because they are low windows you can just walk in. No signs, so I took advantage of it. It’s a bit spooky though 🙂

      • We have a number of partly abandoned farm buildings and old dairies around about and I’ve photographed some of them though many are in danger of having their roofs fall in. When the town milk plant closed I tried to get permission to make a record of the place, it’s been here since 1927, but they wouldn’t allow it. Shame really as it’s provided employment and has been part of the history of the town for a long time.

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