So, Friday I get a call asking if I was in church on Sunday, it seems the guy who was preaching is sick! So here I am praying for inspiration.. I recently had to get myself some reading glasses as well. Last year I started having problems writing music as the lines started to jumble up in front of my eyes. That’s age for you!

Well, I’m not going to find inspiration for a sermon like this, now am I? Going to make a cup of tea while I chew a few ideas over in my head around Psaume 42… Got to sort out the liturgy for communion as well…….




7 thoughts on “reflection..

  1. Psalm 42? There are always two things about that Psalm that stick in my mind–part of the opening that says “Mon âme a soif de Dieu, du Dieu vivant” and the closing that says, “Pourquoi es-tu abattue, ô mon âme, et t’agites-tu en moi? Espère en Dieu, car je le louerai encore, lui, le salut de ma face et mon Dieu!” There is great reassurance for me that during those time when God seems far away, he is there. Best wishes (and prayers) for this Sunday.

    • Thanks Mike, I was just thinking the same thing… The psalmist is so far from him, he laments and remembers with happiness his time leading the procession to the temple but for the present he is far away. Yet, he is close to God, this paradox of bi-eing far away yet in the presence of…. That’s the key for tomorrow… 🙂

      • There are so many ways to approach the subject. I like to remember that when God seems far away–he is not the one that has moved. I am the one that needs to get rid of whatever burden or obstacle that is in the way. He is the one who is waiting patiently and expectantly for my return.

      • I think though that sometimes we are lead into the desert or God is silent simply because he watches… If someone is grieving or hurt, sometimes there is no need for words just a presence. I don’t think that it’s always because I’ve done something or that I need to remove something. That could lead one to a sense of guilt that instead of helping does the opposite… ooops sorry Mike, got into preaching mode HAHA.. Its not that I’ve moved away either (which is impossible) but that sometimes silence is just there, one of the great mysteries and paradoxes of faith 🙂

      • How do I tell if God is silent or I am not listening or maybe his “still small voice” is drowned out by other voices? Mysteries and paradoxes–as you noted they are part of our faith.

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