Into the silent forest revisited..

Someone commented that my last post was spooky.. I didn’t feel that way about it at all but maybe others did? So I decided to post again but this time in colour (and maybe in b/w but without the affect) to see what your reaction is.. do you think it’s spooky? I suppose some people probably don’t like the idea of walking alone in a dense forest (well alone is not quite true, there are many forest animals and birds :-)). What I really appreciate is the silence, except for the odd bird and things rummaging through the undergrowth. Just standing still and listening to what you can hear, like the sound of the wind in the trees above your head. Dawn and dusk are probably my most favorite times. I even don’t mind a little walk in the dark but one has to be careful of certain animals well, wild boar mainly here. The very cold frosty mornings that we have at this time of year are great times to see the sun rise and start to warm the forest, the mist rises as the frost melts and the ground warms. It creates this wonderful effect … I get totally lost in contemplation…

Unfortunately we don’t have any snow this year and the cold frosty mornings are far from few between, so I try to make the best of the few mornings there are when I am also free.


4 thoughts on “Into the silent forest revisited..

  1. Certainly not ‘spooky’ to me. I find both images very calming. Recently, I have been leaning towards B&W but I find both of these images equally appealing in their own way. Possibly the colour image is the most calming but I do love both.

    • Thanks very much for the comment.. I has softened the images this time rather that sharpening them. The reason for that was that I find the forest so calming and not spooky at all.. I wanted to try and bring out that feeling of calm and haziness as the sun rises. Plus, I brought out the warm colours (as I saw them that day) which helps. But, yes I too like the b/w image, difficult to choose 🙂


  2. The light not reaching down the hill B&W and Colour is movie technique to hide announce the alien or the serial killer. All it needs is the music and over the shoulder look from an actor. But that said they are both beautiful shots, really nice framing and great use of light!

    • HAHA I see what you mean… next time I’ll get my wife all made up to look like the frightened person just waiting for the aliens to arrive 🙂 not sure she’ll go for it.. I love this kind of shot, of course I’m hiding the very bright glare of the early morning sun behind the tree…

      Thanks for the comments..


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