Walking with wild boer

This is the first a a few pictures from this morning. It was a lovely crisp, cold and frosty morning here. The sun was just coming up high enough to penetrate through the trees and bring the usual mist that rises from the cold ground in these conditions. I decided to go for a walk in the forest but was soon interrupted by five, rather large wild boer who decided that this would be a great moment to go for a run. They seemed to be circling me so I had to be careful. Soon they ran off in the direction of a clearing used by the forest keepers to feed the animals. I could here them in the undergrowth and decided that maybe I had enough pictures for one morning (call me a chicken if you like). It’s a shame, I would have loved to catch a picture of one in the mist but they are extremely unpredictable animals and I was not exactly hidden.



4 thoughts on “Walking with wild boer

  1. Nice pic nonetheless! Why do you think they were circling you? Curiosity? I didn’t think they’d be that bold to approach a human, but maybe because it was five of them…

    • HI

      They first ran past me in one direction and then in another and it just seemed like they were running around me from my perspective.. I’ve never actually seen them run like that so they may have been juveniles.. They are quite unpredictable and will charge if you get too close, especially males defending territory or females protecting young.


      • Hi Stephen,

        Thanks for explaining in more detail what happened. I like to collect anecdotes about piggies, wild and domestic, because they sometimes serve as story arc inspiration (for my illustrated porcine adventure story). So thanks again 🙂


      • They were just running around but I couldn’t tell if they would turn in my direction so I was trying to keep a low profile 🙂 As if you could.. I’ve never seen them run around like that before it was quite comic really. It made my day…

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