Château de Hierges

Christmas day and my wife is sadly at work, the kids are occupied with their new games and so I decided to head off to the ruins of the Château de Hierges with my new Nikon D610. Hierges is a small medieval village in the province of Champagne-Ardennes close to the Belgian/French boarder and the town of Givet.

According to local legend the Château was built in one night by the fairy Mélusine. Whether this be true or not it is built in the Renaissance Mosane style (Brick and blue stone). The chateau may have first been built, probably in some other form, in 882 as the Normans moved up the Meuse Valley but another source talks about 787 when the Vikings came up the valley. However, the Normans were of Viking origin so, could this be confusion?

The château seems to have had quite a colourful history as the owner controlled the traffic moving up and down the Meuse plus an important crossing point. It was at one point in the Possession of Godefroy Verdun (le captif), 971 and then Godefroy le barbu in 1066. At a certain period medieval games seem to have been held at the castle but it was unfortunately eventually destroyed by fire. One part of the Château remains inhabited today.

For more information you can visit the site : (in French)

3 thoughts on “Château de Hierges

    • Thanks very much. I love these old structures that seem to want to tell so many tales of the past, if only they could talk….



      • I would sit for days and listen if they could only talk..Instead I suppose we have writers 🙂 Happy New Year !


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