Morning walk.

I was out this morning in the woods with our dog, Hawk the Malamute. It’s not easy taking photos and walking a dog but I have found ways round the problems like walking with my camera already attached to the tripod and training the dog to stand still…… honestly that bit is not so easy with a Malamute! The woods around here are just fantastic at the moment as the sun is low in the sky and streaks through the trees. It’s really magical in the early morning light but I do keep my eye open for wild boar, the deer are not a problem but the wild boar that are quite numerous here can get nasty..


3 thoughts on “Morning walk.

    • Hi John

      Thanks for the comment. Yes I noticed how the trees had bent over to form an arch and tunnel, I thought it was great. The sun was just perfect that morning. I do have others that I’m looking at..

      Regards Stephen

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