Here is something a bit different. Ashby-de-la-Zouch castle. I feel like a photographer documenting some of histories finest demolition experts. Two to be exact… Henry VIII and Oliver Cromwell. Henry dissolved the Abbeys (Croxden and Garce Dieu Priory) and our dear friend Cromwell, well he blew up Ashby Castle! So, here is a shot of Ashby Castle, once the proud home of William Lord Hastings (who seams to have been quite a fair Lord, not charging too much tax for those who could not afford it etc.), he was one of the most powerful men in England. Until, that is, he lost his head for being a royalist! Sir Walter Scott set a scene from his novel Ivanhoe at this castle….

“He’s expected at noon, and no wight till he comes may profane the great chair, or the porridge of plums; for the best of the cheer, and the seat by the fire, is the undenied right of the Barefooted Friar.” One of the verses from the ballad “The Barefooted Friar”, sung by Friar Tuck to the Black Knight. 


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