Namur market…

I went on Saturday to the market in Namur which is one of my favorite markets. So much to see and buy! I took along my camera and took so many shots I have not really had time to sort them all out. These are just a few I would like to share. Some maybe better cropped differently, in B/W etc but the important thing I think is to share some of the atmosphere of the market. I realise that most of the photos are of the food section of the market 🙂

4 thoughts on “Namur market…

  1. Great Stephen…… the one of the lady relaxing with a glass of wine……………..oh, and all that fruit….and cheese………and that huge mound of fresh beans…….makes me feel hungry.

    • Thanks John. I was out with a 70 – 300mm I’m a dangerous person with that.. HAHA! I was just sitting drinking a beer when I saw her.. I just love the market with all that food around I know what you mean. We had some of those beens, they were great and the olives 🙂

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