This week-end my wife was on guard at work and it was her birthday Saturday. I was off working too Sunday morning and we had the usual festivities here in our village that come round every year at this time, so we stayed in a chalet at the holiday village where she works for the week-end.

I didn’t get to take many pictures this week-end as I was feeling somewhat exhausted but here is one I took on Saturday evening when the rain came.


9 thoughts on “Rain

    • Thanks Carrie. It was just one of those photos that happened. To be honest I didn’t realise it would get so much attention. I’m thinking of posting one that I took after this one but hesitate HAHA!

  1. Rain ? …………. that’s a downpour……….. remind you of home eh ?
    Its been like that for the past two days here! ……. Climate change, it is………. global warming, it is not!
    ……. Atmospheric photo, it is!

  2. Thanks John. This is again one of those pictures I took quick not really knowing what it would look like and it came out great. It was a good job I was standing under cover HAHA!

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