Le Bois de Blaimont.


2 thoughts on “Le Bois de Blaimont.

  1. Hi Stephen, beautiful conditions for photography and a lovely image. A square crop would also be possible….. actually, it would be a stunner! Love the delicate tonality with only one or two true blacks. I hope that you took dozens of views here, its a gorgeous location under these conditions.
    Regards, John.

    • Hi John

      I keep going back to this wood as I just love the place, it’s not far from where I live. I have shots taken from last year as well in autumn and the colors are just wonderful.
      As the complete amateur that I am I confess to not knowing what a square crop is all about. I did read a little… I googled it!
      This shot was taken at about 7 in the morning just as the sun was coming up from somewhere behind me but had not yet reached down into the wood. I’ll be going back to take more I think.

      Many thanks..


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