Street art..

Here are a few photographs I took on Sunday in Louvain-la-Neuve.



2 thoughts on “Street art..

  1. Totally AWESOME picture. I’m putting together a collection of global street art. Are you OK with me reblogging it or some other of your stuff on my site in the future? Let me know. Fair warning however, some of my stuff is a little on the crude side … OK a lot on the crude side. If it’s not cool with you I understand. Cheers

  2. Hi

    That’s OK with me just mention where they come from please. I started taking photos of graffiti/street art where ever I se it but I must admit that I don’t see an awful lot of good stuff. I posted these together because I was not so sure about them. Thanks for the comment.

    I did have a look at your pages and understand what you mean by crude.. 🙂 that’s OK as they are your comments and reflect your opinions and story. Nice to read as I did.

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