Happy memories

Easter Sunday I was back in England at my parents house with my kids. It’s was dad’s 80th birthday and just he and I went for a walk in Sutton Park which is close to where they live. When I was a child I used to play with my friends in the park like my father before me. It is strange to see how the park has changed and the old paths that I knew have moved or fallen into disuse. In some places large holly bushes have been cut down to allow young trees to grow up. I was coming up one old path that I remembered and came to on old friend. This tree was one of my favorite spots though years ago it was surrounded by  bushes and other trees. It now stands alone and in the open. There was a seat here where one could stop and listen to the wood.

The next photograph is one of the old paths that with my friends we used to walk down past the old tree and on to one of the large pools in the park where we sometimes swam during the summer months.

After our walk we went to the local pub for a drink, it was a nice day and a special day to walk with my dad.


2 thoughts on “Happy memories

    • Thanks very much Aaron. I had a look at your blog too and saw you have quite a collection of really good photos there.

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