Walk in the woods!

For the past few days I’ve been un-well, off and on, which I really hate. So when my wife Heike wanted to see her father in Germany on the Saturday before he goes in for an operation at the age of 85 I said OK but of course when Saturday came I decided it was not a good idea for me to drag myself all the way over there with a heavy cold and he goes in for major surgery on the Sunday. So, I stayed at home! To make things worse I had previously set the day aside to go walking with others. I had already changed my plans to see Heike’s father (which is perfectly fine) but to be ill! It was an organised walk of 15km, rendez-vous at Lompret for 9 o’clock in the morning. Of course I couldn’t do any of that either! I was ill and Heike had gone with the car to see her father! House empty and Stephen alone and going stir crazy by lunchtime…

…Well by lunch time I have recovered somewhat and decided to go for a walk in the pleasant Spring sunshine (it was about 22°c). I just couldn’t bear to stay inside anymore. So I set off down the road with my camera ready to take photos of my afternoon walk, prepare to be ‘photoed’. So this is a little snapshot from that afternoon…. hope you enjoy it??

I set out from our village, Boussu-Lez-Walcourt and descended towards La Ruchette  and then on onto the wood behind. One of the highlights of walking down to the wood was being chased by a herd of cows… They were really after me, honest!

Well, I got to the wood and was greeted by the sound of chainsaws as some of the locals were clearing and stacking wood. I met one of the guys from our village and asked if I could take a few photographs while they worked….

I moved on after a while and upon reaching the BBQ along the path, I decided to head into the wood and try to put the noise of the chainsaws behind me. The path turned and twisted through the trees and I wondered just where it was going to come out. It seemed to go in all the wrong directions but I realised later that the path shakes through the wood to the other side giving a very pleasant walk.

I found dear tracks along the way and stopped for a while just to listen to the sounds of the wood. I discovered an old tree.. dead now. How sad I thought and I wondered what might have killed it but then life and death is part of the cycle of things….

Eventually, I came out on a small country lane which leads down to the next village so I decided to follow in the opposite direction and come back into the wood by another path. I walked listening intently to the birds chattering in the trees and meeting the occasional fellow traveler.. mostly Dutch speaking I might add.
As I passed some trees I spotted the light coming through to my left and decided to take a closer look. I love the way the light plays sometimes with the trees in the wood…
Finally I came back towards La Ruchette and decided that my two hours walk had earned me a nice beer.. Of course if you are not familiar with the delights of Belgian Trappist beer then I think the next photograph will not be appreciated in quite the same way I do.. This is a very dark, strong (11°) malty beer.
The guy opposite was just totally lost in contemplation…. Well it is brewed by monks!
Well beer over, it was time to walk home…..

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