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Lock on the Meuse.

This was taken last night about 11pm at the lock just before the Meuse reaches Namur. You can see the Citadel in the background, which has fantastic views over Namur and Jambes. I’d been out all afternoon running kids English classes and in the evening with adults till around 9pm (two conversation groups I started about two years ago) so I was pretty tired at this point. It was cold too, so forgive me if I was not thinking too hard about the settings on the camera :-)..


A walk in the park.

I have an hour between groups on a Monday and so I go and spend my time eating my lunch by the river Meuse near Namur. There’s this small park just next to a set of locks and a weir where people walk and a small bridge over the weir goes to the other bank. I saw this family walking through the park yesterday. I couldn’t decide whether to leave the image in colour or put it in monochrome but in the end I decided the colour image has far more meaning….


Under the bridge.

A friend of mine (who is a professional photographer for the SPW) lent me his camera for one hour the other afternoon. Unfortunately, it rained, snowed and was freezing cold so I didn’t really manage to get any good photos in one hour. I had to master his camera too, a Nikon D800 with a 24-120mm lens. It was an experience for me walking around Namur with nearly 4000€ worth of equipment. It was a shame the weather was not better… this morning it was excellent for photos! Well here is one of the images I took that afternoon. The original was shot in RAW and I worked on it in iPhoto as my version of Lightroom would not load this RAW file in. It copes well with the RAW files from my D3100 but I guess the D800 is a little superior and the file is 40megs..



Namur market…

I went on Saturday to the market in Namur which is one of my favorite markets. So much to see and buy! I took along my camera and took so many shots I have not really had time to sort them all out. These are just a few I would like to share. Some maybe better cropped differently, in B/W etc but the important thing I think is to share some of the atmosphere of the market. I realise that most of the photos are of the food section of the market :-)

On the streets of Namur

It’s “Namur en mai” and the streets are full of performers. I took quite a few shots today but with so many people and to be honest I’m not so experienced at taking photographs in these situations. A few photographers there had such enormous lenses it made mine look a little wimpy to say the least.

Here is one I took of a guy as he walked past….. he made me feel a bit wimpy as well!

Au Café

This was taken one day sitting in the centre of Namur in front of the theater using my Nikon Coolpix P310. I don’t think there is anything special about this picture, just that it catches a moment in time, “le temps d’un soupir”. I think it works best in monochrome because the more I look at the photograph the more it talks to me. Do you know what I mean?

I don’t know if it’s just a thing that happens at my time of life or if I started seriously (for some reason) to think differently. It seems to me that about four years ago I started to seriously look at the world differently. As if I was no longer looking head on but from the side, from behind, sometimes from below and sometimes from above. This has lead me in my profession to do the same thing which gets me into some pretty sticky situations sometimes. I feel strongly like there is something trying to get out of me and I don’t now what it is until I see it.

I started learning music four years ago with my kids. They were in music, I was driving them there so why not join them? Well now I’m nearly at the end of the fifth year (adults start in the second year) and going strong. I’m discovering a side I did not know that I had, what an adventure this is. I guess that the music and the photography go hand in hand. They seem to come out of the same place.

I first really started taking photographs some 14 years ago when my dad gave me his old reflex. I did some pretty good (well so I thought) monochrome stuff around where we lived then in Wavre and mainly of people. I’m not sure where those got to. Then I had various compact digitals before I decided last year to get myself a D-SLR. Well after looking around I bought the Nikon D3100 and don’t regret my choice. The thing is I’m trying always to give voice to something that is deep inside me and sometimes it comes out and sometimes it just fails. This though is above all a spiritual experience of some kind. It is the same with music, a sort of different road of discovery. I would really appreciate your comments to know what other’s feel. Am I alone in this search?

Start. Namur 21/04/2012

Maybe your wondering what Start is? Well, it was celebrating 100 year birthday of the Scout federation in Namur. I was there with around 20.000 scouts for a day of activities. If you would like to see a selection of photos from that day then you can follow this link: Meanwhile here are a couple I selected.

To find out more about scouting in Belgium 


This is a bit of an odd photograph. It was taken in Namur and is one of the local boulangeries/cafés. After I got back and imported this into my computer it took me sometime looking at it to really see all that is going on in the picture. It’s a bit like when I take a photo of people walking in the street, after importing it, I can always see someone who was looking directly at me that I did not see at the time.

Empty by night..

I just love the old streets of Namur at night when they are so quiet. During the day they are so busy with shoppers, students and all manner of people running around about their business but at night they have a real magic of their own. Walking around as I was between midnight and one in the morning with camera in hand, there was this feeling of stillness that makes one tiptoe quietly through the streets. One or two people, mainly students, walked around, some just talking others kissing in the shadows. All the homeless street people who you see had disappeared for the night. The bars and restaurants closed except for the odd one still open. This is a town that is so busy during the day but at night the contrast is striking, how quiet it becomes as it sleeps waiting, gathering strength to see a new day.

The open door

Last Sunday I went with my my oldest son to visit the Citadelle in Namur. We walked and talked, it was his idea which I thought was strange. I asked what he would like for lunch and the reply came quickly, “Une mittraillette”. Now this surprised me because he didn’t want to go to Pizza Hut.. A mittraillete, for those who don’t know, is usually half a baguette with some sort of deep fried meat in it like a fricadelle, covered in a mayonnaise type sauce and loads of frites, really healthy stuff!

After eating we climbed the hill back up to the Citadelle to visit the underground tunnels (Did he need to work some of that food off or what). We listened to the guide who talked about the history, “The Citadelle “, he said, “Is like Namur football team that has never won a match,” 22 battles and 22 defeats. Just about everybody has claimed it since the 1400’s. It was owned by Philippe le bon of Bourgogne and inherited by Marie, Duchesse of Bourgogne who then married Maximilian 1st of Austria and so on. The Spanish were there, the French, the Dutch and the Germans. It was occupied until recently by the military and then declassified and given to the town for the enjoyment of the population. Such a sad place where so many lost their lives, even Napoleon didn’t want to use it!

You can visit the site..  La Citadelle de Namur


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