Lock on the Meuse.

This was taken last night about 11pm at the lock just before the Meuse reaches Namur. You can see the Citadel in the background, which has fantastic views over Namur and Jambes. I’d been out all afternoon running kids English classes and in the evening with adults till around 9pm (two conversation groups I started about two years ago) so I was pretty tired at this point. It was cold too, so forgive me if I was not thinking too hard about the settings on the camera :-)..



A walk in the park.

I have an hour between groups on a Monday and so I go and spend my time eating my lunch by the river Meuse near Namur. There’s this small park just next to a set of locks and a weir where people walk and a small bridge over the weir goes to the other bank. I saw this family walking through the park yesterday. I couldn’t decide whether to leave the image in colour or put it in monochrome but in the end I decided the colour image has far more meaning….