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Motorway services..

So here’s a couple from the Spy services on the E42. Yes, you guessed it I’m bored waiting to head off to my last two English groups this evening before heading home. I have been thinking about coming here with my camera but have not so far as I’m always a little tired by this time of the day. Monday is a long day of teaching English.. Tuesday I start a little later which is good because I do not get home till 11 tonight. Unfortunately the walkway over the motorway is covered so it’s not possible to take any nice shots of cars and lorries as they scream past… Maybe I’ll find a nice bridge sometime.

Morning walk.

I was out this morning in the woods with our dog, Hawk the Malamute. It’s not easy taking photos and walking a dog but I have found ways round the problems like walking with my camera already attached to the tripod and training the dog to stand still…… honestly that bit is not so easy with a Malamute! The woods around here are just fantastic at the moment as the sun is low in the sky and streaks through the trees. It’s really magical in the early morning light but I do keep my eye open for wild boar, the deer are not a problem but the wild boar that are quite numerous here can get nasty..


Croxden Abbey.


I went on retreat this week-end to the monastery in Rochefort here in Belgium. I took this one evening after complies when the church was empty and dark. I didn’t get any shots of the monks, maybe next time, they are very elusive people when it comes to photos..



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