Motorway services..

So here’s a couple from the Spy services on the E42. Yes, you guessed it I’m bored waiting to head off to my last two English groups this evening before heading home. I have been thinking about coming here with my camera but have not so far as I’m always a little tired by this time of the day. Monday is a long day of teaching English.. Tuesday I start a little later which is good because I do not get home till 11 tonight. Unfortunately the walkway over the motorway is covered so it’s not possible to take any nice shots of cars and lorries as they scream past… Maybe I’ll find a nice bridge sometime.


Getting up steam..

Here is another shot from Sunday in Treignes. I decided to show this as an oil painting as the scene seems to remind me of something from my childhood, some painting that I must have seen. It seems to stir emotions within when I look at it, so I hope it does the same for you.