Sometimes life can be so disturbing that we just don’t know anymore which way is up. Life’s journey; you never know quite what it’s going to throw at you. It’s just one big adventure and I feel that the only way to stay sane in all of this is to look at it in this way. I can remember when I was in my early twenties and the different jobs I had, the way I lived, really without a care. It was much the same when I went to uni and then got married and moved to Belgium. Having children though changes everything but we should never loose the spirit of adventure. Just because life becomes a little more complicated than what you had set out in the first place whether that be family, health or whatever, just remember it’s all part of “LIFE” that great adventure…

I’ve had some difficulty deciding exactly how to crop this image but I have finally found what I want. Sorry to have posted three different versions :-) This is the final image as I want it.

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