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Green Tomatoes

Every day I look at my tomatoes outside my office window. I’ve watched them grow and now there are lots of nice large green ones but the weather has changed and unfortunately I fear they will not ripen. It’s been a bad year for fruit and veg… My apple trees this year have just not produced. We normally have so many we can’t eat them all! Hardly and plums, a few raspberries but not like normal and no peaches at all. The pears didn’t do too well either and we are normally inundated with red berries for making jam but I have not seen any!

Here is a photo I took today after the rains of one of my beautiful green tomatoes (said with a British accent :-))

Coucher du soleil

I shot this photo this evening as the sun was setting around 7. It’s another local photo. A small abandoned cottage near the village of Vergnies. What caught my eye was the colours, the way the sun reflects off the white of the wall and the clips that held the gutter in place. It was a bit late to explore further so that’s for another day. When I woke up this morning I said to myself, today, is a photo day… how right I was.


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