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This is a shot I took a while ago now… I was sitting in Starbucks in the Central station in Brussels (La Gare Centrale). It was a Sunday and I had just been to the Palais de Beaux-Arts (Bozar) à Brussel, I was on my way back when I thought I would get the camera out. Taken using an 85mm Samyang which is totally manuel but gives excellent results.

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Wish you were here…

A selfie, a selfie… (that’s a Monty Python and the Holy Grail thing! 10 points if you know what the correct saying is and what scène it comes from:-)) Well, I just had to do it at some point or the other didn’t I.. I had just finished 150 km on my motorbike winding through the Belgian and French countryside getting things ready for Sunday afternoon’s outing of our small band of bikers, we all have to vote in the morning (less interesting activity).  This reminded me of the song by Pink Floyd, Wish you were here.

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A walk in the park.

I have an hour between groups on a Monday and so I go and spend my time eating my lunch by the river Meuse near Namur. There’s this small park just next to a set of locks and a weir where people walk and a small bridge over the weir goes to the other bank. I saw this family walking through the park yesterday. I couldn’t decide whether to leave the image in colour or put it in monochrome but in the end I decided the colour image has far more meaning….



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