The silent forest..

Another two images from the other day… What I like here and what I have tried to bring out is the light coming through the trees and lighting up the ground..

silence_68 silence_68-2

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6 Responses to “The silent forest..”

    • Stephen

      Thanks Mike. I really love the ambiance in the forest just as the sun comes through the trees in the morning.


  1. Last rays of the sun | Mike Powell

    […] attuned to this effect because of a recent series of images by Stephen Pitt in his blog “Le temps d’un Soupir…” that show early morning rays of sun illuminating the forest floor. Check out his most recent […]

    • Stephen

      Hey thanks for sharing that Mike… I really appreciate that and I’m so glad you like the pictures :-)

    • Stephen

      Thanks very much… maybe one or two left to come. I’ll sift through the photos again. I normally miss something.. I really enjoy walking in the forest during these mornings. It’s not the same in summer, it has it’s own magic but the dawn is so early you need real motivation HAHA


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