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Yes, I decided to start a new blog but I’m not stopping this one, so don’t go away. I post all sorts of things and musings I like on here but over a period of time I realised that I have several images that I consider to be more serious and that I would like to regroup together, creating a portfolio I suppose of what I consider to be the best.

So if you would like to go and see please follow this link




Tis is anther shot from my visit to the monastery “Notre Dame de Scourmont” when I was reading for last weeks exam. This is in the garden that only people staying at the monastery have access to and seeing that we were not so many it was very quiet. Time when you really find yourself alone with your thoughts.. I know some people who do their utmost to avoid this kind of situation, for them they try to flee their thoughts as if they are the enemy.. Embrasse them, then let them go and listen..

sans titre-6


This is a shot I took a while ago now… I was sitting in Starbucks in the Central station in Brussels (La Gare Centrale). It was a Sunday and I had just been to the Palais de Beaux-Arts (Bozar) à Brussel, I was on my way back when I thought I would get the camera out. Taken using an 85mm Samyang which is totally manuel but gives excellent results.

sans titre-5


I went away at the week-end just for Friday and Saturday as I was trying to get some quiet to finish reading for an oral exam this week. I chose to go to a Cistercien (Trappist) monastery not far from here and of course I took my camera. When you plonge yourself into silence and especially with loads of reading and reflection it’s necessary to take breaks, go for a walk every now and again and it’s at these moments that you see the world in avery different way.. Some might say I only went off the beer ;-)


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