Autumn in Namur..

This is completely different from yesterdays post but I was going through some of my recent shots and found this I took about two weeks ago on the opposite bank of the Meuse to Jambes, Namur. Needless to say the trees are almost devoid of leaves now. I’ll go and try to take the same shot this afternoon maybe.. well I say try and position myself in the same place..

sans titre-11

In the graveyard..

It was Halloween as most of you realise I’m sure but the day after is All Saints day and here in Belgium people visit the graves of their departed loved ones. I think that’s something really nice… to remember on this day those of our family who prepared the way for us and we in turn will prepare the way for the next generation.. I realise that in Catholic doctrine there are other considerations to this day but still… remembrance is a fundamental part of who we are as human beings. There is nothing wrong with recognising that fact and thanking God for our parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts who did their best to prepare the way for us and likewise we too will do the same for our children. Now that gets a little closer I think to the real meaning of Halloween… better that than simply always being against!

Here are a few shots I took today in a graveyard on the way back home. I’ve done them all in black and white as that’s how I feel they should be.. Hey… I’ve probably got enough here to write a good ghost story ;-)





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