I’ve just got back from Brussels; been to the Palais de Beaux-Arts and saw the works from the Sammlung Verbund, Vienna, “Woman” The Feminist Avant-Guarde of the 1970s and “Where We’re At” Other voices on gender. It was the last day so I figured I’d better get there to see it. I thought “Woman” and the various artists represented was excellent but I have to admit that “Where we’re At” did not really get the message over to me but that did not spoil my enjoyment, I had a lovely few hours walking around and there were one or two free exhibitions in the Summer of Photography 2014 like “The Belgian Six”.

Here are three shots I took whilst waiting for the train in “la gare de Bruxelles Central”.. A slow Sunday afternoon at 1.25..





It’s getting harder and harder to photograph people on the street. Because of social media, fear and paranoia people will just not agree to have their photos taken, well at least this is what happened to me in Philippeville this afternoon. So, this cat who I caught sunning himself didn’t seem to mind.. though the way he’s looking at me one thinks he could leap at any moment! I just love the depth of field on this lens..

sans titre-39